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cnap august 20 poster

It’s already the third Thursday in August! Can you believe it? I cannot.

(First and) third Thursdays are CNAP aka Craft Night at Phog.
Anyone 19+ is welcome to come and work on their crafts and hangout with other local crafters.

The time is now from 7 until 9pm.  You can come earlier at 6:30 and stay longer if you like, but generally we wrap up around 9.

Laptops and bicycles are encouraged!

Phog is located downtown at 157 university west.


A few blog updates:

I made a few updates to this blog, both related to the buttons at the top of the layout.

There was already an About page, but it only had two sentences on it. I added a picture from our first meeting, and added some valuable information about the group that was missing.

I also added a page for all of the posters, in chronological order. It’s pretty neat to see the stlyes and colours change and the text get more and more sparing.

So please check these two new pages out if you want: Improved About page and the Poster Retrospective.

I also may work on small bio pages for Nicole and I, just so new people know who to look for if they have any questions or comments at future meetings.


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New Author+Knitting Lessons!

Hey Oh CNAPers! This is Sam and I’ll be making sure this blog gets updated regularly with pictures and meeting information. Right now I have no time for a real post, so I’ll just let you know what will be up at the next meeting.


A lot of our members already know how to knit, which will be fantastic for what we have planned. At basically every meeting, there are at least one or two people who say I WISH I COULD KNIT, BUT IT LOOKS SO HARD. We are coming to your rescue in two weeks! By the end of the night, you will (probably) know the basics of knitting and be well on your way to making sweaters and giant afghans. 

If you want to learn how to knit, we ask that you obtain size 5mm straight knitting needles (4.5 or 5.5 would be fine too) from a store or a friend or your grandma. Utilize your resources! We recently got a donation of yarn from a lovely lady, so if you’re not able to buy/find yarn on your own, there will be some at the meeting for you to use. If you’re planning to purchase needles, they’re around $5 at Walmart/Zellers/Michaels/Etc, and yarn is also around $3-6. 

If you read this, and you’re interested in learning how to knit, comment here!

See you there : )

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Twice a month!

As you can tell by the flyer in the sticky post, starting in May, we will be meting twice a month, on the first and third Thursdays.

Hope to see all of you there!

Here is the link for the facebook event

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Lots of stuff going on!

I leave you point form for now

-Sam is working on posters

-We will start to see you more often

-Phog Phries are delicious and you should eat at least 2 plates every time you go

-There will be group crafts coming up soon

-Other than this lame snow, it is starting to get nicer out

-We might turn into Oh! C.N.I.P.P.L.E (Craft Nights In Phog’s Parking Lot, Eh? {kidding about the name, but we want the underages to come out, too!})

Also, if you sell your items, whether it be on Etsy or elsewhere, and you have a business card, I encourage you to bring them out with you. Can’t wait to see you all!

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Part 2 was a great success!

Thank you all for coming out last night!

I was a little worried when I first showed up, it was just Sam, Dan and I. Then several other people joined in, and we took over the back part of Phog! There was everything from hemp jewelry to knitted scarves to photography to hotglue makeup prosthetics.

Owen, the madman behind Windsor Visuals, came out and took some awesome pictures, as always. I will leave you with a few, and a link to his Flickr.

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Sorry for the delay!

The next meeting is tomorrow! April 2nd 2009!

I’d love to see all of you out there at 6:30. No excuses! (unless you’re underage)

There is a WAMM event after, and you’re more than welcome to stick around for that, I plan on doing so.

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A week and a half!

I’m so sorry that I haven’t been updating this blog!!! I’m moving out on my own for the first time on April 1st, and there is still so much to do before I can move!

The following day is the next meeting, and I just wanted to remind all of you that, unfortunately, it has to be a 19+ event. I am thinking that since nice weather is coming, we could have part of the night out in the parking lot so the underagers can join us. Just a thought!

Can’t wait to see you all soon!

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