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Next CNAP: October 15

Oh CNAP October 15


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come to phog for a sweet drawing party!
no craft skillz necessary!
come check us out : D




Mr Thyme

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next meeting: august 6

august 6 colours

tell your friends

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Time Change

There was no felt flower workshop at the last meeting. I had to ride my coaster bike and i took over an hour to get downtown, so I’m really sorry to anyone who showed up with felt and needles in hand. If you bring your supplies to any future meetings, I can teach you how to make them, or you can just figure it out yourself by looking at the tutorial I posted in the last entry.

I also have no pictures to share from this meeting since when I got there, everyone had already left.

I think we’re going to be adjusting the time of the meetings from 6:30-10 to 7-9. If you want to stay longer and continue to work on your project, by all means feel free to (I usually like to stay until 10ish myself). But by changing the times on the posters, I hope it will encourage crafters to show up at a more unified time (rather than some people showing up at 6:30, and others showing up at 8:30 to an empty craft area.)

I hope that negative comments about CNAP aren’t preventing new crafters from coming out. Even after the first meeting, we encounted negative comments from people who were not at the meeting. We are a relatively new group organized by two eager crafters who have never organized anything like this before, so it should be understandable that we’re not perfect. But we’re always trying to better ourselves and the group.

I’m trying to do more workshops (the bunting one was amazing) and getting more crafters together to work on group projects. Hopefully we can advertise CNAP more on the internet and on the streets. Maybe you can tell your friends and family about CNAP too. I’m hoping the slight change in time frame can help to bring more crafters together too.

All right, I’ve talked enough. Again, I apologize for coming to the meeting late. The next CNAP is Thursday, August 6 between 7pm & 9pm. If you can make it anywhere between those times, we’d love to craft with you : )

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CNAP+Felt Flower Workshop

CNAP July 16

This Thursday is Craft Night at Phog!

Since my last simple workshop went over so well, I thought I’d try it again.

So if any of you are interested in learning how to make some simple felt flowers, come this Thursday with basic sewing supplies and a sheet of felt.

These are what the flowers look like. They can be made into a brooch or sewn onto a bag, etc. I haven’t actually tried making them yet, but they look super simple and cute : )

Note: I did not take that picture. It is from THIS tutorial that we’ll be working from (feel free to look at it and maybe try making some flowers before Thursday. I’ll make some tomorrow).

If you want to make some of these on Thursday, please bring:

  • Sewing Needle
  • a few Straight Pins
  • 1 or 2 sheets of Felt in colours that you like (felt can be found at Walmart or Michaels for probably less than .50c a sheet. Look for flimsy felt, not the stiff stuff.)
  • Thread (I’ll have some that you can use if you don’t)
  • Scissors (I’m sure other people will bring some, but things will go quicker if there is more than one pair)
  • Buttons (again, I’ll bring some, but if you have some that you like at home, bring them!)
  • Optional: Pinbacks for turning your flower into a brooch. I’ll bring a few for anyone who wants to do that.

Also, if anyone has craft or tacky glue, it would be amazing if you brought it. I have white glue that I’ll bring, but I’m not too sure how well it will work.

Remember: Thursday, Phog, Crafts

See you there : )

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If you saw the entry that used to be here: APRIL FOOLS. I got complaints, so here is the real poster:

It’s still best viewed in full size. This blog’s layout is kind of skinny. Click here to view it bigger.

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