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Latest CNAP Meeting: Drawing Party

It wasn’t so much of a party as it was four people sitting at the bar drawing pictures with the bartender, Frank. Here are some pictures:

marla and mike

Mike and Marla

dan draws


counting backwards>#258


marla draws

Marla giving faces to Mike's outlined heads

heads with faces

Faces given to Mike's outlined heads, by Samantha and Dan

heads with faces

Faces by Marla


Outlines by Mike, reminiscent of Hitchcock.

More faceless outlines

frank's self portrait?

Frank's self portrait, drawn with three pens at once

i want to make this into a film

My favourite picture of the night, drawn by Mike, I think?


This is what it means to cross the border, by Marla.


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Time Change

There was no felt flower workshop at the last meeting. I had to ride my coaster bike and i took over an hour to get downtown, so I’m really sorry to anyone who showed up with felt and needles in hand. If you bring your supplies to any future meetings, I can teach you how to make them, or you can just figure it out yourself by looking at the tutorial I posted in the last entry.

I also have no pictures to share from this meeting since when I got there, everyone had already left.

I think we’re going to be adjusting the time of the meetings from 6:30-10 to 7-9. If you want to stay longer and continue to work on your project, by all means feel free to (I usually like to stay until 10ish myself). But by changing the times on the posters, I hope it will encourage crafters to show up at a more unified time (rather than some people showing up at 6:30, and others showing up at 8:30 to an empty craft area.)

I hope that negative comments about CNAP aren’t preventing new crafters from coming out. Even after the first meeting, we encounted negative comments from people who were not at the meeting. We are a relatively new group organized by two eager crafters who have never organized anything like this before, so it should be understandable that we’re not perfect. But we’re always trying to better ourselves and the group.

I’m trying to do more workshops (the bunting one was amazing) and getting more crafters together to work on group projects. Hopefully we can advertise CNAP more on the internet and on the streets. Maybe you can tell your friends and family about CNAP too. I’m hoping the slight change in time frame can help to bring more crafters together too.

All right, I’ve talked enough. Again, I apologize for coming to the meeting late. The next CNAP is Thursday, August 6 between 7pm & 9pm. If you can make it anywhere between those times, we’d love to craft with you : )

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CNAP was pretty amazing last night

I’ve been neglecting this blog and I heard all about it at last night’s meeting. I promise not to forget about it again! Anyway, last night’s meeting was pretty amazing. The turn out was pretty nice and everyone was busy on something. Nicole taught Richard how to knit (finally!) and I did a really quick workshop on how to make super simple/super effective bunting out of newspaper. You can see a tutorial here. A group of talented ladies and I ended up cutting out, painting and stamping 35 triangles for a large piece of bunting (i’m not 100% on these terms yet lol). We rubber stamped random words given to us by other CNAP members, song lyrics and words of encouragement on one side of every triangle. Justin from Broken City Lab showed up and talked to a few of us about what we could do over the summer. I showed him our bunting and he was like HANG THIS OUTSIDE NOW FOR TWO SECONDS AND TAKE PICTURES. So we did and it looked amazing. It was really nice to do a group craft like this. CNAP sometimes feels really disjointed and impersonal, so it was really nice sharing supplies and ideas. I definitely want to do more crafts like this in the future. Feel free to leave any craft suggestions in the comments! But first, check out this bunting:

photo by laura

photo by laura

We had to move it against a wall because it was way too windy to take pictures. photo by laura.

We had to move it against a wall because it was way too windy to take pictures. photo by laura.

we are all short

I really like this picture, lol. And not just because I took it : )

You can see more pictures at my blog HERE, on Laura’s Flickr HERE and read about it at Broken City Lab’s blog HERE.


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CNAP 4 – May 21st Wrap-Up

This past Thursday was our 4th meeting. A lot of regulars showed up, as well as a few new people. One the new people, Nicole’s friend Billy, started to customize a stack of postcards to resemble different CNAP members, as well as the Phog owners.

Ptom the Pterodactyl

Ptom the Pterodactyl


Messages for Tom

Messages for Tom

Phrank the Phish

Phrank the Phish

Messages for Frank

Message for Frank

Nicole delivered the postcards to Frank. Photo by Darren.

Nicole delivered the postcards to Frank. Photo by Darren.

I’m not 100% sure where the postcards came from, but I think Alicia brought them. They’re funny because the back says this:

Umited Kingdom

someone should tell this Peter Haddock fellow to use a spell checker. or you know, just look at the 5 words before printing...

Knitting with a Loom

Nicole brought a knitting loom again and started knitting a "slouchy hipster hat".

Casting Off Lesson

She also taught Darren how to cast off. Congratulations on finishing your first project, Darren!


Ashley helped me put tags up on the bottom of the bike racks outside of Phog. Jimmy was about to lock his bike up, but he patiently waited until I was done, which was much appreciated. Photo by Darren.

Lauras been knitting these sweeeeet owls! she gave me this one & i love it so much. Laura, you need to make an army of these and get rich. Do it. Photo by Elisha.

Laura's been knitting these sweeeeet owls! she gave me this one & i love it so much. Laura, you need to make an army of these and get rich. Do it. Photo by Elisha.

Billy was working on postcards, Cassia was writing, and I was drinking, obviously.

Billy was working on postcards, Cassia was writing, and I was drinking, obviously. Photo by Elisha.

Group shot by Elisha. Thanks!

Group shot by Elisha. Thanks!


After CNAP, Darren & I went to see some Media City films next door. Afterwards, we waited for Dan & David to get back from a show in Detroit. We sat here knitting for a while. It was nice. We got a lot of attention, though, lol. Photo by Darren.

So the weather is starting to get damn nice outside. There has been talk of moving CNAP outside for a portion of the meetings to allow for underaged crafters to take part. I think even crafting out front (if there is a small enough group of course) would be cool too. Many people commented on the row of us hanging out knitting in front of Phog, so it would definitely boost awareness of the existence of the group. We could even channel our inner Girl Guides and craft Sit Upons to you know, sit upon, Thoughts?

Thank you to Darren and Elisha for letting me use some of their pictures!


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