cnap august 20 poster

It’s already the third Thursday in August! Can you believe it? I cannot.

(First and) third Thursdays are CNAP aka Craft Night at Phog.
Anyone 19+ is welcome to come and work on their crafts and hangout with other local crafters.

The time is now from 7 until 9pm.  You can come earlier at 6:30 and stay longer if you like, but generally we wrap up around 9.

Laptops and bicycles are encouraged!

Phog is located downtown at 157 university west.


A few blog updates:

I made a few updates to this blog, both related to the buttons at the top of the layout.

There was already an About page, but it only had two sentences on it. I added a picture from our first meeting, and added some valuable information about the group that was missing.

I also added a page for all of the posters, in chronological order. It’s pretty neat to see the stlyes and colours change and the text get more and more sparing.

So please check these two new pages out if you want: Improved About page and the Poster Retrospective.

I also may work on small bio pages for Nicole and I, just so new people know who to look for if they have any questions or comments at future meetings.


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