What do you do?

At work today, I was asked about what sorts of crafts everyone would be doing at the meetings. I had to say I had no idea. I know there will be seveal knitters, and at least one person crocheting. Other than that, I’m really not sure!

So I come with a question for you guys!

What is your MAIN craft? What are you going to be doing at OH! C.N.A.P!? (If it’s different)

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    quietwire said,

    my main craft is probably knitting, but i also spend a lot of time drawing pictures and making neat videos.

    at the meeting on thursday, i’ll be working on a baby blanket for my old babysitter who is due in a month or two. it’s based off of Purl Bee’s Super Easy Baby Blanket, but i’m modifying it as i go along.

  2. 2

    DAN said,


  3. 3

    Stefanie said,

    I knit and Scrapbook. For the next meeting I am likely going to bring a small selection for scrapbooking or a new knitting project, not sure which!

  4. 4

    Conrad Lukawski said,

    I draw 🙂

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